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Cable theft is one of the most destructive criminal activities in our country.

It is virtually impossible to equate the enormous detrimental financial impact that cable theft has on the South African economy.

Almost all industries are reliant on electricity and when cable theft takes place, the industries in that area are crippled by this criminal activity.

Millions of rands is lost in production while cable have to be replaced - often taking long periods of time before normal work can commence.

Modus operandi of the criminals:

  • Cables in remote areas are normally targeted by criminals, under cover of darkness.
  • Due to the relatively light weight and low resistance to pull the cable out of the ground, criminals are able to easily remove the cable, roll the cable up, and remove it for processing.
  • Due to the vulnerability of the un-protected cable, criminals are able to remove cable with the most basic tools, and in a relatively short time frame.
  • Surveillance and response will only react when the criminal activity has already taken place.

Solution offered by Secure-a-Cable:

  • Secure-a-Cable was established to offer a unique and innovative method to meet this criminal activity head on, and by so doing, save the economy millions of rands in lost production and down time.
  • Our Company's objective is to make the theft of cables virtually impossible.
  • The duration and lengthy process needed to be undertaken by criminals to excavate, retrieve and then transport cables that have been protected by our Company, is deemed just not viable by the criminals. (Effort and risk is too high and uneconomical to steal the cables.)


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