How it works


  • We utilize redundant vehicle tyre in our Secure-a-Cable protection.
  • Redundant tyres is a global problem and our product utilizes these tyres, providing a solution to and environmental challenge (not only do we provide a solution to cable theft, but we also use a product that is deemed a problem once it has reached it's lifespan and deemed redundant, and an environmental problem).
  • We cut the side walls out of tyres, and utilize the flat running surface of the tyre.
  • Once the side walls are cut out, we cut the running surface of the tyre, so that we now have a long +/- 3.6m length of flat tyre.
  • These lengths of tyres can then be overlapped providing whatever length is required.
  • The cable is then laid between 2 (two) of these lengths of tyres creating a sandwich effect.
  • The bottom and top length of flat tyres are then fastend and screwed together with a specialized fastening system.
  • The fastening system is spot-welded to ensure an even safer protection of the cable.
  • Once the cable is laid and secured by the Secure-a-Cable system, the side walls of the redundant tyres (halfmoons), are fastend on top of the already laid, secured cable.

The following is now achieved:

  • The cable now has lateral and vertical resistance.
  • Weight increased to +/- 70kg for every 16m of cable secured.
  • Rubber memory creates a board effect, preventing it from being rolled up.
  • The half moons prevents digging with spades for the last 500mm and the rest must then be done by hand.

Eventually, when the rubber is exposed the criminals meet the following problems:

  • The half moons restrict access to the flat rubber protection.
  • Steel belt cannot be cut with a hack saw.
  • Bolting/Fastening system cannot be loosened with conventional spanners.
  • Due to the enormous weight added, the cable cannot be lifted from the trench for a more comfortable working position.
  • The assembly cannot be pulled form the trench.
  • Due to the un-flexibility of the cable, due to it's sandwiching between these thick flat rubber sections,even should criminals be able to get the system out of the trench, it is impossible to role the system up and load it onto a vehicle.